Your Magickal Spell for July 15 – Spell to Repel Ill Wishes or Remove a Curse


A Spell to Repel Ill Wishes, or Remove a Curse from Yourself or Those You Love

Sometimes individuals will cast a curse or wish you ill for no apparent reason. They could actually mean you harm or they could just want to show you their power. By doing this scaring you while you are in a vulnerable state.

If you feel this is being done to you or a loved one,  then try this spell:

Items You Will Need:




The Spell:

  1. Stand facing an open window or door and carefully press your vertical palms outwards, straight in front of you, in the air.
  2. Quietly call the ill-wisher and say just once:  “I return the pain, Send it not again.”
  3. Shut the window or door firmly.