Calendar of the Sun for July 14

Calendar of the Sun

14 Haymonath

Ellegua’s Day

Colors: Red and black
Element: Fire
Altar: Upon cloth of red and black place three pennies, a clay head with cowrie eyes, small tricky games, a glass of rum, and Ellegua’s crossroads trident.
Offerings: Chocolate, chicken, and rum.
Daily Meal: Should include chicken and chocolate.

Invocation to Ellegua

Ai! Dancer at the Crossroads,
Maker of many shapes,
Cunning eyes in the bushes,
Your gaze misses nothing.
You are the opener of the Gate,
Without which we cannot speak
To all other orisha.
You are the Great Phallus
Which does not always follow its owner.
Mate and match of Pomba Gira,
Lady of whores and lust
Whose skirts of black lace hide mysteries,
Lord of panic, lord of cunning,
Faithful friend who comes in the pinch,
Little girl with the cowrie eyes,
Old chickenman with the sly smile,
Brewer of trouble split red and black,
You who love to make us break our word
That we might understand its true importance,
Help us to keep the door open
To new possibilities
Lest we fall into complacent sleep.

(The hour should end with a drum circle, and wordless chanting, or chanting of his many names – “Eshu!” “Ellegua!” “Legba!” “Maitre Carre-Four!” “Chickenman!” and so on.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]