Magickal Spell for Friday, July 13th – Heal a Broken Heart

Heal a Broken Heart

Items You Will Need:


String (Yarn or Thread)

3 candles


Performing the Spell:

Perform step 1 exactly 7 days before the new moon.

Step 1:

Tie the string around the verbena and carry it for 7 days in your right pants pocket.

Step 2:

Remove the string from the verbena. Light 3 candles and bury the verbena and the string beneath a tree during the night of the new moon.

After you have buried these things, blow out the candles one by one and say the following:

First Candle: (his/her name), I give you and my love to you back to nature as I’ve given the verbena.

Second Candle: (his/her name), I am released from my sorrow as the verbena is from the string.

Third Candle: with this last candle, my love for you vanishes and will rest forever like the verbena.