Magickal Spell for July 12th – Yellow Crystal Sun Spell To Get Your Talents Noticed



A Yellow Crystal Sun Spell To Get Your Talents Recognized

The sun is associated with success and the flowering of talent, as well as financial rewards. If you work hard and get results but are passed over for promotion, or you are labeled so reliable but unexciting, a sun spell will make sure you shine.

You will need:

Any small sparkling yellow crystal, such as a topaz, citrine or spinel, or a clear quartz crystal.

When to cast:

In early morning sunlight or natural light on a Monday.

The Spell:

  1. Hold the crystal up to the light in your power hand and say: “Sun enter and empower me that I may likewise shine.”
  2. Lift the stone to your mouth and blow slowly three times on the crystal to endow it with your essence.
  3. Wear or carry the crystal. When you get to work, set it where the light will continue to fall on it right through until 3 p.m., (you may have to use artificial light on a dark day or in a dark workplace).
  4. Repeat the first two steps at 9 a.m., 12 p.m., and 3 p.m., (or as close to these times as you can), each time returning the crystal to where it can absorb light.
  5. Take the crystal home with you after work and repeat the ritual each day, right through your working week.