Hmm, Is it TGIT? Thank The Goddess It’s Tuesday!!!

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No, I haven’t lost it yet, lol! TGIT? Why not? Thank the Goddess It’s Tuesday because tomorrow’s the Fourth. Hopefully everyone has the day off, or perhaps a day or two! Whichever the case, enjoy!

I wanted to share one of my favorite chants with you this morning. I love it. It is beautiful and very meaningful to me. I hope you find it the same.


Goddess With Me

Goddess with me
Goddess before me
Goddess behind me
Goddess in me Goddess beneath me
Goddess above me Goddess on my right
Goddess on my left
Goddess when I lie down
Goddess when I arrive
Goddess in the heart of everyone who thinks of her
Goddess in the mouth of everyone who speaks of her
Goddess in every eye that sees her
Goddess in every ear that hears her