Daily Feng Shui Tip for July 2nd – ‘I Forgot Day’

Let’s see — where was I? Oh, that’s right, trying to remember what to share with you on ‘I Forgot Day.’ The ancients say there’s no better way to boost your own memory than to employ the medicinal herb rosemary! This herb actually has a history that goes back thousands of years. Along with its abilities to aid memory, it was also considered a symbol of friendship and loyalty. Even 13th century Queen Elizabeth of Hungary drank rosemary water every day to help her regain both beauty and strength. This herb was burned in living spaces during the Plague of 1665 to protect against contagion and purify the air, and it was also burned in French hospitals during World War II to kill germs. Rosemary’s ability to stimulate the mind and increase the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the brain makes it a perfect addition to any soup or stew, meat dish or veggie medley. Steep two teaspoons of fresh rosemary in hot water for ten minutes and drink before meals for better digestion, liver support and to remember how cool, savvy and green you actually are!

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com