The Moon Void of Course

The Moon Void of Course

This is not apparent in the sky, but is a brief time when spells tend to be less effective and, in everyday life, meetings or  projects tend to get stuck and travel plans can go haywire.
The void of course occurs as the moon leasves one astrological sign and travels to another. The moon spends about two and a  half days each month in each zodiac sign. The void of course can last from a few minutes to almost a day.
You can check in any almanac like Old Moore’s or increasingly, horoscope pages in newspapers will alert you to this and the  times. In an almanac it will be marked as v/c or even VOC next to the moon symbol and the time this begins. If you need to do spells at the void of course  time, add extra incense, fresh flowers or herbs to counter the effects.