Daily Cosmic Calendar for Tuesday, June 19th

While the dark-of-the-moon vibes are intense – suggesting the need to complete old business on a high note – Vesta forms an inspirational, 72-degree rapport with Chiron (3:08AM PDT). Thus, despite the strange morning atmosphere, you may be able to find ways to increase the value of your investments.  The main event of the morning is the second New Moon of Gemini (following the previous one back on May 20) – this one energizing 29 degrees and happening at 8:03AM PDT. This would normally suggest the need to take a great leap forward immediately, but instead the Moon enters a void cycle that lasts until 10:35AM PDT when the lunar orb shifts into its natural abode of watery Cancer.  This 10:35AM PDT shift of the Moon begins a 2+ day lunar cycle that places an emphasis on home and family matters. Nostalgic interests wax in power and you may have an urge to research your ancestral tree. Cooking, baking, gardening and water sports (weather-permitting) are back in vogue.  Mercury shows off its strength by forming a parallel with the Sun (12:22PM PDT) and making a supportive, 60-degree rapport with Vesta (8:51PM PDT). Business opportunities are ripe for the picking.  Love bonds receive a temporary, positive jolt as Mars makes a supportive, 60-degree link to Juno (9:57PM PDT). However, because tomorrow morning brings in a provocative Venus-Pluto aspect, it is best to keep a low profile overnight and be extra kind to dear ones on the ropes.