Daily Cosmic Calendar for Monday, June 18

As mentioned in yesterday’s calendar entry, tensions reappear rather quickly on the partnership front following yesterday’s Moon-Venus union. The cosmic troublemakers this morning are Juno making an abrasive, 45-degree link to distant Pluto (1:07AM PDT) and Venus forming a contra-parallel with underworld-ruling Pluto (6:17AM PDT). This double-whammy from the shadow zone of the universe reminds you to be extra careful when dealing with affairs of the heart. The business and financial realms are also sent into temporary disarray via the Venus-Pluto encounter.  Some productivity in your key areas of expertise may be regained around the time of a subtle, 30-degree link from the Sun to Ceres (3:04PM PDT). The dark-of-the-moon monthly vibration is becoming more entrenched since the next New Moon happens tomorrow morning. It is wise to be finishing up old projects from the last few weeks tonight as Mars and Saturn forge a 30-degree connection (10:04PM PDT). Reading, writing and research remain a top interest as the Moon continues its march through versatile Gemini.