The Wicca Book Of Days for June 14 – Days of Dagaz

The Wicca Book of Days for June 14

Days of Dagaz


June 14 initiates the runic half-month of Dagaz (or Daeg), whose last day will fall on June 28. This rune signifies day, or daylight, and thus represents the good things that are symbolically associated with light, such as spiritual illumination, moral goodness, and the banishment of the evil forces of darkness. Dagaz also denotes joy in life, in that it conveys a sense of light-heartedness and sunny well-being, the satisfying productivity of a day’s work, and the sense of security that comes from being able to see everything around you, especially your enemies!

The Day’s Eye

Welcome the half-month of Dagaz by picking daisies, which you could make into a daisy chain, or simply arrange in a small vase to admire. The daisy’s name is derived from the Old English daegesege, or “day’s eye,” because the flower’s petals open in response to daylight and close in twilight.