Daily Cosmic Calendar for June 12

If you made it through yesterday’s stellar mine field of profound and disturbing alignments and cosmic events, give yourself several rows of virtual gold stars. Nonetheless, the Jupiter shift into Gemini, the two potent Mercury aspects and Chiron being motionless are still up for grabs today, even if they are somewhat subdued in effect.  Volatile conditions emerge early on as the Moon parallels war-mongering and anger-generating Mars (12:03AM PDT). Try to tweak this lunar contact with the red planet into giving you a boost with a favorite sport or energizing your exercise routines.  The healing vibes strengthened by Chiron overnight are reinforced by Mercury forming a trine to Chiron (8:09AM PDT). Fortunately, problem-solving and strategy sessions are promoted – thanks to the monthly Moon-Pallas union in Aries (9:10AM PDT). Flying by the seat of your pants is made easier when the Moon unites with intuition-boosting Uranus (1:29PM PDT). However, prepare yourself for unsettled conditions and surprises when the Moon and Uranus form a rendezvous in this fashion.  The love boat sails for exotic ports of call this evening when the Moon makes a supportive, 60-degree liaison with Venus (8:10PM PDT). Don’t allow some shadowy energy coming from an abrasive 45-degree Mercury-Ceres link-up (10:35PM PDT) to spoil the goodwill vibes that the Moon and Venus share in common.