The Wicca Book of Days for June 11th – The Matralia

The Wicca Book of Days for June 11th

The Matralia

The Matralia, a festival dedicated to Mater Matuta (Latin for “Dawn Mother”), was celebrated on June 11 in ancient Rome. Mater Matuta – or Matuta, equated with the Greek Ino – was venerated on account of the protective influence that she exerted over growing children, and the Matralia was therefore especially observed by married mothers at her temple in Rome. Matralia rituals included a female slave being driven from the temple, the intoning of pueris sororiis (‘Sisters’ children” or “growing children” in Latin) prayers, and the baking of toasted cakes that were then offered to the Goddess.

Barnabas’s Blessing

In Christian traditions, June 11 is the feast day of Saint Barnabas (and also marks the Old Style date of the summer solstice). If you have fallen out with anyone recently, invoke this saint’s help in sorting out your disagreement in friendly fashion.