Daily Cosmic Calendar for June 10

For the most part, yesterday’s softer and more nurturing cosmic tone remains in place. However, a Mercury-Pallas square of 90-degrees (12:33AM PDT) is an early signal that problem-solving may be difficult to accomplish this morning. This Mercury-Pallas challenging aspect reminds you to avoid mental burnout and useless worrying.  Meanwhile, healing forces are back on the march – courtesy of the monthly Moon-Chiron union in Pisces (6:29AM PDT) – reinforced by their parallel at 8:13AM PDT. Tune into your morning dreams and visions. Write down revelations and consider their wider meaning in the next 48 hours since Chiron is about to become virtually motionless tomorrow night as this unusual comet-like celestial body begins a reversal that lasts until November 14.  There is more excitement and stimulation arriving on the scene this morning since the Sun forges an inspirational, 72-degree link with Uranus (7:44AM PDT) while Ceres in Taurus opposes Juno in Scorpio (9:10AM PDT). The Sun-Uranus encounter encourages advanced studies in metaphysics, science and kindred subjects. The Ceres-Juno polarity is a reminder to treat dear ones, friends and associates with respect and understanding. Be a good listener in matters of the heart and steer clear of arm-twisting maneuvers to prove a point.  Maintain a clear consciousness this evening as Mercury makes an inspirational, 72-degree link to Mars (8:30PM PDT). This is also a good aspect when it comes to diving into your favorite arts, crafts, hobbies and construction projects.  Get set for a day of profound changes and shifts in mood tomorrow as giant Jupiter changes signs, Mercury connects with two of the outer planets, and Chiron pauses in Pisces on its way into a five-month retreat.