Daily Cosmic Calendar for June 8th

Last night’s Sun-Mars 90-degree contact is still reverberating in the ethers. Fighting with dear ones won’t lead to resolutions. Projecting anger on well-meaning associates won’t solve business conundrums. A dicey, 45-degree link from Mercury to Vesta (6:29AM PDT) adds another tone of intensity and abrasiveness to the psychic atmosphere – as well as being a reminder to be extra careful with your assets and investments.  However, the universe is seeking to wave a white flag of negotiation and neutrality as the Moon in Aquarius forms flowing trines with Venus in Gemini (7:50AM PDT) and the Sun in Gemini (3:36PM PDT). Love vibrations begin to increase in wavelength.  There are also revelations galore on the spiritual and psychic levels of awareness – thanks to a harmonious trine from Mercury to Neptune in water signs (6:50PM PDT). Experiment with a digital or video camera. Play improvisational music on a favorite instrument for a change of pace. Try your hand at rhymed poetry, limericks or haiku.  Strange forces are on the prowl as Friday night morphs into Saturday morning since Jupiter forms a contra-parallel with Pluto (11:21PM PDT). Being a fanatic or extremist in any fashion is following the wrong celestial instructions. Greed and arrogance bite the dust. On the other hand, delving into esoteric philosophy, psychology and mysticism can bring you rare insights. Resolve that you can remain optimistic and self-confident in a serene manner as the weekend begins in earnest.