Daily Cosmic Calendar for Wednesday, June 6

Hopefully, your feet are still touching the ground after the last two days of celestial fireworks. This is a good point in this Cosmic Calendar to remind you that solar and planetary alignments don’t simply disappear in one day. Therefore, the Full Moon, Neptune station and Venus-Mars square of this past Monday, and the Sun-Venus-Earth line-up as well as strong Ceres aspects from yesterday are still reverberating in the psychic atmosphere. Think of all these aspects as being present, but gradually dissipating in influence. Meanwhile, now on center stage you need to tune into another wave of love-enhancing and creativity-promoting Sun-Venus energy-dynamics as these two celestial bodies form a parallel (3:23AM PDT). This parallel – where the Sun and Venus are both located at 23+ degrees north of the Celestial Equator – is similar to a conjunction in the zodiac. In many ways, this alliance of the Sun and Venus is simply a bold continuation of their merger yesterday. Strive to increase the value of your investments since the Sun makes a subtle and yet still significant, 30-degree rapport with Vesta (9:04AM PDT). Communications, literary and educational endeavors receive a boost nearly six hours later when Mercury makes a similar link to Jupiter (3:02PM PDT). A great time-period this evening – for problem-solving, strategy sessions and conducting fine-tuned research – is 9:26PM PDT when the Sun makes an inspirational, 72-degree tie to Pallas. Be prepared for another cosmic onslaught arriving tomorrow when the Sun squares off with the red planet Mars. This 90-degree, abrasive interaction has been building up in power for the last few days – behind the scenes – and it finally comes into manifestation on Thursday.