Water Magick

Water Magick

The properties of water are both constant and variable at the same time. Water exists on the Earth in three forms: solid (ice), liquid, and gas (evaporated). Water magick is very versatile; it incorporates techniques that bring about changes both within and without. For water magick to occur within, one must consume the water or call upon that aspect of the self. For it to occur without, one must bathe in it, swim in it, cleanse with it, etc.

Not all liquid magick belongs in the realm of water. For instance, brews that incorporate vinegar or alcohol as the primary ingredient fall in the domain of fire.

The magickal properties of particular types of water can be used for the following purposes:

Creeks and streams:  Purification, harmony, cleansing

Dew:  General health, eyesight, beauty. Dew is said to be especially powerful if gathered at dawn on Beltane.

Fog and mists:  Creativity, balance, partnerships

Ice:  Transformations, balance, creativity

Pond or lake water:  Peace, contentment, relaxation, self-reflection.

Rain water:  Energy, protection, cleansing. The first rain that falls in the month of May is considered sacred to the Water Witch

River water:  Cleansing, moving forward, protection

Seawater:  Health, magickal power, manifestation of goals. An old Welsh belief states that a spoonful of sea-water a day will ensure a long and healthy life.

Snow:  Transformations, balance

Spring water:  Growth, holy water, cleansing, protection, prosperity

Swamp and  waste water:  Banishing, binding

Waterfalls:  Power, energy, success

Well water:  Healing, wishes, intuition

The Water Witch also has an attachment to the ares surrounding the water, which can be used for the following magickal purposes:

Beaches:  Rituals, spells, fascinations, meditations

Harbors:  To promote abundance and prosperity; to serve as an aid in banishing things

Riverbanks:  To increase personal power

In Santeria practices, water from particular environments is offered as food to specific Orishas, as follows:

Ogun and Babalu-Aye:  Pond water

Oya:  Rain water

Oshun:  River water

Yemaya:  Seawater

In addition, Santeria incorporates the use of a special cleansing water called omiero. Omiero is comprised of sacred herbs, belonging to the Orisha being petitioned, and water. It is steeped upon coals to bring out the magickal properties. The making of omiero is complicated and has a full ceremony attached to it. The resulting product is used for initiation purposes.


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    1. The Goddess needs strong followers and so do we. I would be willing to help you in any way that I can. All you have to do is let me know how I can help.


  1. Say I wanted to store swamp water for shipment to a friend who cannot obtain it on her own. How would I store and ship it so as to not spoil it?


    1. How would the water spoil? In helping a friend to ship all kinds of things for her Amazon store I would recommend putting it a plastic bottle with a tightly fitting screw on lid. After the lid is as tight as you can possibly twist it use duck tape strips over the top of the lid. Next use another ONE LONG PIECE strip around the bottle covering the ends of all the strips that are over the top. I would then pack in a box big enough to put protection around the bottle to keep it snug in the box, old plastic grocery store bags work great for this they protect but add very little shipping weight. To be on the safe side I would over night the box to her-less chance of spoilage.


    2. I’ve sent swamp water to a friend in Canada with good results. I added vitamin E oil and put it into small plastic bottles with the tops taped shut with electrical tape. I shipped these in a box with other magickal supplies with good results. No spoilage at all. I hope this helps. Blessings.


      1. All suggestions are greatly appreciated. I would imagine our members will find your tip very useful. If you have any more, we would love to hear them.
        Thank you again,
        Lady A


  2. Interesting read. I am a Yin Master energy worker. I started out years ago with Tai Chi which builds yang energy. I did a lot of research on Yin energy and found that with the exception of The Book of Chuang-Tzu there is very little that survives. The I Ching seems to be blind to it, and lots of warnings pop up warning that here there be dragons. With the exception of a stray blog post here and there that are based on personal experience I am of necessity self taught. As the yang energy has locations it favors so does yin. Swamps, vines, and fog (also lunar eclipses) are powerful with yin energy. It is a healing energy and I’ve discovered recently that distance matters not. FYI


    1. Good morning Julian,
      I sincerely appreciate your insight. I have tried off and on for years to just study the I Ching. There are times I think I am grasping it and other times it goes right over my head. I see you mentioned you were self taught. Is that the case when studying the I Ching? You are the first person I have ever run into that has acknowledge knowledge about the subjects. I would appreciate all you could or would be willing to share with us (especially me). After reading your comment, I am wondering if I even started in the right place to begin my studies. Any assistance or advice you can offer would be great appreciated.
      Thank you,
      Lady A


  3. I have spells that call for river water because it’s flowing g and living… Can putting this water in the fridge keep it living long enough to perform spells, does the water lose its potency… Thanks for your help


    1. Water is something that hardly ever goes bad. Are you going to use it for potions and brews or perhaps floor washes and the such? But if you want to catch all the natural, thriving magick of water then use it as soon as possible. I have a rain barrel outside my cabin. Due to it continuously being refreshed by rain water and dew, I always have a fresh supply of water on hand and ready to go. Perhaps if you want to have a viable source of water like that on hand, get you a rain barrel and you will always have fresh water that is just thriving to be used.


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