Daily Cosmic Calendar for Thursday, Feb. 16th

Put some of those recent challenges behind you as the cosmos gives you something to cheer about when Mercury unites with healing-master Chiron (6:15AM PST) shortly before Mercury teams up in a supportive, 60-degree link with King of the Gods Jupiter (8:08AM PST). Considering that the Moon is still having a joy-fest in adventuresome Sagittarius, this morning’s Mercury-Chiron and Mercury-Jupiter contacts are a pleasure-inducing duo. Give worries and tensions the old-heave. Enjoy your favorite games and sports for an exhilarating change of pace. Think more about pursuing mind-enhancing literary and educational projects especially as the Sun and Moon collaborate well during a supportive, 60-degree liaison (5:09PM PST) and as the largest two celestial bodies in our solar system – the Sun and Jupiter – forge an illuminating contra-parallel (9:02PM PST). However, this latter aspect actually happens right at the close of a void lunar uncertainty cycle in Sagittarius – running from 8:04PM PST until 9:04PM PST. Don’t overdo a good thing during the lunar twilight zone. Once the void time-span is over, Capricorn Moon is your lunar presence for the next 2+ days. Place a serious focus on climbing the ladder of success within your professional realm. You will have some celestial back-up to assist you on both Friday and Saturday.