Celtic Magick Spell for February 16th – Rid Yourself of Negatives

Celtic Spell for Thursday, February 16th

Rid Yourself of Negatives

Set an empty cauldron or goblet on your altar between two lit white candles. Burn a good protection or blessings incense. Robe yourself, preferably in white, and stand or sit before the altar. Breathe slowly and evenly until you are calm and centered. Take the cauldron or goblet in both hands hold high over the altar in salute to the Gods. Lower to chest level and slowly breathe into the cauldron, silently naming each habit, person or experience you wish removed from your life

When finished, turn the cauldron or goblet upside down on the altar, saying:

“The contents of this vessel I give to thee,

Great Ones. Exchanges these experiences

for better.”

Place an offering of herbs and milk outside. Or at least burn the herbs in your censer. This is best done during the Waning Moon.