Calendar of the Sun for Thursday, Feb. 16th

Calendar of the Sun
16 Solmonath

Victoria- Day of Nike

Color: Red
Element: Fire
Altar: On a red cloth sewn with outstretched wings lay a naked sword and a helmet, and one large red candle.
Offerings: Victories, personal or for the world.
Daily Meal: Red-colored food.

Invocation to Nike

Failure is a part of life.
It is an inevitability
That we shall fail
More often than we shall succeed.
Yet if this truth stops us in our tracks,
We will never triumph
And we will never break through.
It is these failures,
These errors and defeats,
That make the touch of Nike’s wings
Even more valuable to us.
Lady of Victory,
Winged one who flies high
In the throes of ecstasy,
Do not allow us to fall
Into discouragement,
For only through perseverance
Can we come to know you
And your most precious gift.

(The ritual ends in a loud drum circle.)