Today’s Affirmation, Thought and Visualization for Feb. 14th

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Today’s Affirmation

I have only to believe that I have no fear, and l my fear will melt away. I have only to believe in myself, and all my obstacles will lose their threat.


Today’s Thought

Our fear is of the unknown. Let go, throw yourself into the adventure of the self. The fear fades into the air you breathe.


Today’s Visualization

The Birth Of Athene

Athene, one of the most powerful of the Greek Goddesses, was born, fully armed, from the head of Zeus. On one level we can understand Her as a representation of our inner warrior –  embodiment of the innate strengths within each one of us. In your mind conjure an image of Athene, furnished with helmet, shield and spear. Focus on this image and draw courage from the strengths she represents in you.