To Stop An Angry/Violent Person from Entering Your Home

A Spell to Prevent An Angry/Violent Person from Entering Your Home or Attacking You or a Loved One

If there is someone you fear, be it an ex-partner, a relative who visits only to cause trouble; a neighbor whose complaints become menacing or someone who lives with you whose rages are unbearable, you can supplement very necessary official support with a spell. No one should live in fear of another, but bullies, physical and mental, often succeed by making the victim feel to blame. As well as restraining the bully, this spell may provide you with the sense of power to seek help.

Items You Will Need:

Some red dough (childrens’ play dough or ordinary dough with food coloring added); a freezer bag with a tag that ties.

Best Time To Perform Spell:

An hour or so before you know or fear the anger will erupt.

The Spell:

  • Make a very small dough figure.
  • Place the figure in the freezer bag and tie the bag tight, as you do so saying:

“So are you bound from rage and anger, from causing danger and harming me/(name victim). I freeze your violence in immobility. So must it be until  am free of you.

  • Put the bag in the coldest part of the freezer or freezer compartment of a fridge, as you do so repeating the words.
  • Throw away the rest of the dough.
  • When the angry person appear again in your life, repeat the spell, throwing away the frozen figure from the previous spell in a bin outside your home or down a garbage chute.