Cosmic Calendar for Monday, Feb. 13th

For the start of a workweek, you cannot use the business-as-usual tag line in any realistic shape or form. As indicated in yesterday’s calendar entry, Mercury is on the move – forming a strong parallel with the Sun (8:11AM PST), a flowing trine to Saturn in air signs (10:45AM PST), entering Pisces (5:39PM PST) as well as uniting with far-out Neptune (10:48PM PST). By early tomorrow, Mercury will unite with Pallas – bringing three celestial bodies into the Zero Point of psychic, mysterious, and go-with-the-flow Pisces. Add on this morning’s Sun-Vesta subtle 30-degree rapport (9:50AM PST) and the presence of intense Scorpio Moon, and knowing which way economic markets are going to shift is a coin toss. Whereas Mercury aligning with both the Sun and Saturn early today suggests a need for pragmatism and logic, the annual Mercury-Neptune conjunction in Pisces as Valentine’s Day approaches is quite a different story. Whenever Mercury merges its essence with Neptune, several of the graphic and fine arts loom prominently on the horizon. Plunge into photography, film and video production, painting, music and dance for inspiration. Say no to addictive behavior in any form. Meditation and soul-searching are definitely back in vogue. Don’t be surprised if you feel the urge to problem-solve and strategize overnight as Mercury contacts Pallas at 3:32AM PST on Tuesday.