The Dragon’s Energy Flow

The Dragon’s Energy Flow

The ley lines, which have been mapped in Britain proper, may well be streams of positive dragon energy, while the black streams would be imbalanced energy flows of the same type of force. I suspect that these underground Earth energy streams crisscross the planet and can be found in every country, if a magician is willing to put forth a little effort to discover them. We have always assumed that such lines of energy existed only in Britain with only the occasional power spot to be found elsewhere. I feel certain that magicians around the world could uncover the information that energy lines, ley lines, exist everywhere.
Does this mean that “dragon energy” is merely random flows of Earth electrical energy? No, it means that dragon energy has specific flow lines, rather like streams and rivers. Water flows can be diverted by humans or natural changes in the Earth, and so can dragon energy. The ancient peoples recognized that there were specific, special energy flows within the Earth that were identical in many ways to the energy put forth by actual dragons–identical enough to call these underground streams by the term “dragon breath,” “dragon fire,” “dragon blood,” or “dragon energy.” Therefore, if a magician learns to recognize and to tap into these natural reservoirs of power, she/he can understand and know the feel of real dragon energy, which is stronger and more powerful yet. An added benefit is the power that can be called upon to augment your own energy for rituals and spellworking.
But before you rush out to do this, consider and put into practice all the methods that the magician must learn in order to be effective in her/his magick and life. When you are comfortable with your schedule of self-improvement in these areas, give yourself a relaxing treat by looking for the lines of dragon energy in your own neighborhood.
The best way to find these energy steams is to dowse for them. These lines do not necessarily run in straight lines nor will you find that they are commonly known, unless you live in the British Isles proper where they have been extensively studied and mapped.
“Dancing with Dragons”
D. J. Conway