Cosmic Calendar for Sunday, Feb. 11th

Early birds are likely to fly high and soar above the static of the lower realms since the Moon in Libra makes harmonious trines of 120-degrees to the Sun in Aquarius (2:29AM PST) and Mercury in Aquarius (10:00AM PST). When you have the Sun, Moon and Mercury on a silver platter, rejoice in what the celestial hosts are offering to you. If some important communication channels have been recently blocked, now they have a chance to reopen. This is magnified as the Moon parallels Mercury (10:50AM PST). It also makes good sense to re-vitalize any literary, educational and publishing projects. However, make sure that Saturn is on your side – and not undermining your position due to excess fear moving through your emotions and thoughts – since the Moon unites with beautiful, ringed Saturn in Libra (1:10PM PST). Learn valuable lessons from mentors and teachers in your main fields of expertise. The Moon’s monthly union with Saturn also begins a short void cycle that lasts until 2:02PM PST when the lunar orb activates intense, passionate and driven Scorpio. By 5:23PM PST, psychic storm warnings are posted due to an abrasive, 45-degree link from the Sun to Pluto. Being too pushy, willful and headstrong won’t win you admirers. Opportunity can knock several hours later when a revelatory Pallas-Neptune union happens at the first degree of Pisces (10:39PM PST). Welcome insights pouring in from the higher planes of consciousness. Over the next 48 hours, Mercury will join forces with both Pallas and Neptune to create a triple conjunction right at the beginning of psychic, imagination and empathic Pisces. Your ability to solve key problems and be a savvy strategist helping friends, colleagues and loved ones will depend on tuning into soul-spiritual attributes as well as unlocking logical and common-sense clues from the three-dimensional world.