Daily Cosmic Calendar for Saturday, Feb. 11

Don’t let this become the lost weekend. Hope and fear are battling for supremacy since jovial Jupiter is making three alignments today while the Moon in Libra makes its first union with the recently stationed ring-master Saturn tomorrow. Like it or not, these two planets – the largest in our solar system – have much to do with how we hopefully (Jupiter) fit into society and worldly happenings or fearfully (Saturn) try to reach various career milestones without developing all sorts of chronic difficulties in the process. Of course, Jupiter can bring excess and overdoing of a good thing while Saturn can teach the essential long-term rewards of patience, hard work, self-reliance and responsibility. On today’s agenda, the Sun and Jupiter provide sustenance and robust enthusiasm as they form an inspirational, 72-degree link (12:03AM PST). However, Jupiter – being no slouch as King of the Gods – keeps up his interactive efforts by making a contra-parallel to Neptune (3:17AM PST) and a subtle and yet still nurturing and creative, 30-degree tie to Venus (8:35AM PST). Despite some potential confusion and uncertainty coming from Jupiter’s contact with Neptune, Jupiter is offering you a sizable dose of optimism right now. Relationships receive an empowerment boost from Mars contacting Juno via an inspirational, 72-degree liaison (12:53PM PST). If you feel the urge to shop for values or change your hair style or wardrobe, you are probably picking up on both the Moon’s presence in Libra as well as the Mars-Juno association. A big event later on is Pallas entering Pisces (9:07PM PST). Learn more about the secret teachings of all ages and the philosophical tenets of ancient civilizations. One way you can improve your problem-solving skills is to keep a dream notebook and understand more about how precognitive visions will assist you in fulfilling your higher destiny.