Candle Hex (1) Black Cat Crossed Your Path

Candle Hex (1)

Black Cat Crossed Your Path
The condition oil Black Cat Oil is most frequently used for benevolent purposes, to draw protection, good fortune and attention from the opposite sex. However, it may also be used to turn a trick. The combination of wax and pins requires no doll.
1. Hold a black candle in your hands and charge it with your intention.
2. Carve it with your enemy’s name and any identifying information pertaining to that person.
3. Dress the candle with Black Cat oil.
4. Pierce the candle with five pins placed vertically, approximately one inch apart.
5. Light your candle and let it burn until the first pin drops out.
6. Pinch out the candle and reserve it.
7. The following night, light the candle again and let it burn until the next pin drops out.
8. Burn in nightly increments until the final pin drops out.
9. Pinch the candle out yet again but this time take what remains of the candle and throw it against your enemy’s front door.
10. Walk away without looking back, returning home via a different route.