Today’s Affirmation, Thought & Meditation for Feb. 10th

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Today’s Affirmation for Friday, February 10th

“As I begin to explore new territories of the self, the shell of my false self-image begins to fracture under the pressure of my growth. I emerge – a newly hatched chick. I look forward to the adventure of learning.”


Today’s Thought of the Day for Friday, February 10th

“The best preacher is the heart; the best teacher is time; the best book is the world; the best friend is the Goddess.”


Today’s Meditation for Friday, February 10th

In the Womb

This meditation takes you back to the womb where your growth first began. Close your eyes and imagine yourself lying curled up as a fetus. Your body feels weightless, supported by warm bluid. You feel safe and warm, soothes by the soft throb of your mother’s heart. You feel yourself growing and developing, nurtured into a life of joy and potential by the strength of your mother’s love.