Storm Moon Dream Bath

Storm Moon Dream Bath

The month of the Storm Moon is a time of turbulence, which in turn brings both positive and negative changes. One of the most positive aspects of storms is that they bring water. On a practical level, water is essential to the survival of life. On an elemental level, water is fluid and denotes emotions. This means that not only is this a turbulent time of year, but it can also bring out strong emotions. Use this bath to make more positive, empowering changes.
You will need a cup of rainwater and three drops of lavender essential oil.
As you pour your bath, go over in your mind the changes that are happening in your life. Think about how you can makes these changes positive. How do you feel about these changes? How are they affecting you emotionally? After the bath has filled, pour in the cup of rainwater and three drops of lavender oil, and as you do say:
Taranis, Celtic God of storms
Give me the strength to prevail
Please grant my ship safe passage
Through all this rain, sleet, and hail.
Lay back in your bath and breathe deeply. Can you smell the lavender as the warm water moves around your body, caressing every inch of your skin? Let all of your tensions move out of your body through your breath and from your muscles and skin into the surrounding water. Sense a wave of calmness wash over your entire body.