Cosmic Calendar for Friday, February 10th

There is an uncommon sense of planetary restlessness going on during this intense void lunar cycle that began yesterday when the Moon in Virgo joined forces with Mars. Before the Moon leaves void mode by entering affable, airy Libra at 11:55AM PST, you need to work with the following aspects – Venus trine Juno in fire signs (1:18AM PST), the Sun moving into an off-kilter, 150-degree link to Mars (3:32AM PST), Mercury forming a caustic, 45-degree tie to Pluto (5:47AM PST), Pallas making a flowing trine to Saturn in air signs (8:56AM PST), and the Moon parallel to Ceres (10:14AM PST). The two challenging alignments – the Sun-Mars and Mercury-Pluto connections – could increase worries and stress across the board. Trying to extinguish their explosive potentials is the trio of favorable link-ups combining Venus with Juno, Pallas with Saturn, and the Moon with Ceres. These three contacts can assist you with improving the rapport with loved ones, problem-solving and strategizing, as well as increasing your all-around productivity in arts, crafts and hobbies. Once the Moon is in Libra (11:55AM PST), treat a friend, relative or significant other to lunch or dinner at a favorite cafe. Visit an art gallery, cultural exhibit, museum or national landmark. Enjoy a night on the town and let the good times roll as the Sun is approaching an inspirational, 72-degree rapport with benevolent Jupiter (forming exactly at 12:03AM PST tomorrow).