Cosmic Calendar for Thursday, Feb. 9th

Even though Saturn is still virtually motionless since its station and shift into reverse two days ago, it is Uranus that keeps trying to run the celestial show. Every day so far this week, Uranus has been playing the game of interloper and shock-master by stirring up trouble as it tries to de-crystalize the blocks, limitations and restrictions that Saturn has made more entrenched on the world scene during the past few months. Following an inspirational, 72-degree link from Mercury to Jupiter this morning (3:51AM PST) – an alignment that provides a boost on the communication, literary and educational fronts – Venus forms a parallel to Uranus (5:16AM PST) some 13+ hours before these two planets make their annual union (6:30PM PST) – this year at 3 degrees of Aries. Yikes! Uncertainty, surprises and the unknown coming out of left field are up for grabs. Circumstances beyond your control can easily be in the cat-bird seat. Lunar parallels to Venus (2:37PM PST) and Uranus (3:29PM PST) act as stereo amplifiers whereby the unexpected takes charge, and you may have to temporarily function as a witness to events and experiences that are odd, bizarre and more in keeping with the Twilight Zone. It doesn’t help that the Moon makes its monthly union with the often feisty and volatile red planet Mars in Virgo (9:13PM PST) – simultaneously igniting a void lunar cycle that lasts until 11:55AM PST on Friday when the Moon enters sociable Libra. Escape the clutches of vampire-like associates who are more likely to drain you of life-giving energy than restore the innocent qualities of your heavenly soul. Say no to legal matters, key signings and long-term commitments during the void Moon mayhem happening for over 14 hours.