Today’s Affirmation, Thought & Meditation for Feb. 8th

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Today’s Affirmation for Wednesday, Feb. 8th

 “Like an ocean wave, my emotions come and go, but the depth of my being remains unchanging eternal.”  


Today’s Thought for Wednesday, Feb. 8th

 “Give your thoughts a chance to settle down. Then feel your mind clear like a still forest pond.”

The Buddha

(c. 563 – c. 460 BCE) 


Today’s Meditation for Wednesday, Feb. 8th

 Rainbow Meditation 

Colours are waves of light energy that have direct physiological and psychological effects. We can use them in meditation to influence our feelings and perceptions. To perform this meditation, choose a hue that represents th qualities you would like to cultivate in that particular moment. Then cut a square or circle from a piece of paper or fabric in that shade and use the shape as a focus for your meditation. 

Alternatively, focus on a coloured object, allowing the colour rather than the form to dominate your consciousness, or visualize a colour, allowing it to fill your mind. 

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