Cosmic Calendar for Wednesday, Feb. 8th

After a day like yesterday, it is important to avoid a severe let-down. This is also a good point in the cosmic calendar to remind you that solar and planetary alignments from one day don’t necessarily disappear the next day. Therefore, many of Tuesday’s cosmic interactions are still reverberating in the ethers and affecting everyone. However, whatever happens right now is more in the ascendancy of importance. The Moon parallel Mars (8:35AM PST) suggests avoiding displays of arrogance, rash behavior and egocentricity. During the fairly short void lunar uncertainty zone in Leo – from 8:43AM PST to 9:33AM PST – complete old business with a flourish, but leave new and bold enterprises until the Moon is comfortably settled into meticulous, versatile Virgo (9:33AM PST). The Moon in this sixth sign of the zodiac should accentuate clean-up campaigns, scholarly research and nutritional changes to strengthen your immune system, but the Moon opposing Neptune (9:52AM PST) followed closely by a potentially emotionally-disruptive Venus-Uranus contra-parallel (10:20AM PST) have the capacity to send you down a blind alley. Know where you are going and what you are doing. The Moon making a flowing trine to Jupiter (3:46PM PST) would seem to carry the necessary oomph and charge to give you a renewed optimistic mind-set, but lurking in the shadows is an off-kilter, 150-degree entanglement from Mercury to Mars (11:10PM PST). Why be belligerent to dear ones under pressure when you can be a fighter for human rights around the globe? Think before you act.