Ah, Blessed Be, It is Finally Wednesday!

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I am many things,

I am a Daughter, a Lover, and a Friend.

I am a Teacher, a Student, and a Woman.

I am many things,

Wear many costumes,

And act in many ways.

Yet beneath each mask I wear,

I am a Witch.

I am a Priestess,

I follow the Path,

I follow the Old Tradition,

I follow the Ways of the Wise Ones.

I seek to know the God,

I seek to know the Goddess,

I seek to know myself.

I am a Witch.

Though I may only dress up,

For eight sabbats a year,

And thirteen esbats in turn,

I am always a Witch.

Though I may not always dress in black,

Or leave my hair wild and free,

I am still a Witch.

I do not worship Satan,

I’ve never even met him,

Yet many see me as evil,

And magick as a sin.

I do what comes natural,

What the Gods have taught me,

And although it does not conform,

I am still a Witch.

The Goddess shows me beauty,

The God has shown me life,

And Earth, and Air,

And Fire, and Water,

Teach me what is right.

And Spirit in its mystic ways,

Teaches me about myself.

That I am a Witch.

By: Lady Amhranai

As always I say it loud and I say it proud, “I AM A WITCH!”

I was born a Hereditary Witch. You ask me, “if I know what I am dabbling with?” My answer to you is, “Yes, I am not dabbling, I am practicing my Religion, openly and freely!” A Religion that is older than time itself. A Religion that is beautiful and pure like the first white snow of Winter. You tell me my soul is going to Hell. I think not for there is no Hell in my Religion. You want to save me.  Save me from what? I am not the one that is in need of saving for I have found my true Path. Perhaps you are the jealous one. Jealous because I have found Peace, Beauty and Love in my Goddess. My Religion has always been a threat to others. Why? We are not devil-worshippers or baby killers. We are children of the most Divine Being in the Universe. We are Children of the Goddess. We understand what our Ancestors did for us that we may have our Religion. Our Religion has survived through the centuries. It has been put to the test more than once and through it all, it has stood the test of time. If our Religion is so wrong, then why are we still here?

I don’t push my Religion on anyone. I want the same right as anyone else to practice my Religion the way I see fit. I respect all Religions and in turn expect the same courtesy. Instead of taking time writing comments about my Pagan friends and I going to Hell. Take a moment to educate yourself and read the blog to find out what we are truly about. Or are you scared of the truth?

*In case you are wondering, I had a comment in the back that pissed me off!*