Cosmic Calendar for Tuesday, February 7th

Here’s a humdinger of epic proportions. Take a look at the following dizzying list of aspects – the Sun unites with Mercury in Aquarius (1:04AM PST), Saturn stations at 30 degrees of Libra (6:04AM PST) and very slowly begins to move retrograde, the Moon parallels Jupiter (9:36AM PST), Mars opposes Vesta (10:47AM PST), Venus makes an off-kilter, 150-degree tie to Saturn (12:01PM PST), the Full Moon occurs at 1:55PM PST (activating 19 degrees of Aquarius and Leo), Venus ends its cycle through the zodiac by entering Aries (10:02PM PST), and Juno trines Uranus in fire signs (10:54PM PST). That list represents 8 major heavenly happenings that are all interweaving their myriad qualities into one vast singularity in the psychic atmosphere. Keep in mind that the Sun-Mercury conjunction is actually an Earth-Sun-Mercury line-up in the solar system in which celestial seed-ideas are seeking entrance into receptive human minds. The Saturn shift into reverse motion will last until June 25, and this key planet doing backstrokes in Libra places an emphasis on what is more practical, sensible, logical and reliable in the material realm. In addition, you want to make a thorough re-evaluation of career aims, professional work and business plans – not to mention improve the quality of primary partnerships. Meanwhile, the Full Moon reminds you to send out healing thoughts and prayers to humanity on the edge of a pessimistic fall into the abyss. Your job is to rally the flying squadrons of enlightenment via individual and group meditations. While the Mars-Vesta opposition and Venus-Saturn 150-degree skirmish are clearly unsettling vibrations that can interfere with your best efforts to spread goodwill, the illuminating presence of the Full Moon – along with Venus starting a new cycle in the zodiac and Juno teaching Uranus a few things about style and beauty – can give you the positive boost necessary to have an award-winning day. May the Force be with you!