Dragon Ritual of Making

Dragon Ritual of Making

Notes: For increasing Magick perform during bright Noon or the waxing Moon, with
the Full Moon being strongest. For decreasing during evening hours or the waning
Moon with the New Moon being the strongest. Use in conjunction with any ritual
for it is primarily to use Dragon Power and Magick for bringing desires into

Supplies: Pentacle disk; Dragon pentacle; water chalice with a little fresh
water in it; dish of salt; wine chalice; black (left) and white (right) altar
candles; sword; wand; incense burner; appropriate incense; dragon’s blood and
mastic; dragon mirror; gong or bell; staff; any candles for spells; talisman
bags, etc. It is useful for concentration to plan exactly what is to be used
before beginning this ritual of Making.

Use the Basic Dragon Ritual up to the point of insertion of the necessary chants
for specific Spellworkings. Hold sword in power hand, the staff in the other.
While standing facing the Altar, hold the sword pointed to the Dragon pentacle
and chant five, seven, or nine times in tones that vibrate through the body:

By Glow Of Sun The Power’s Begun, By Moonbeam’s Light The Spell Is Right, To
Create Desire By Earth and Fire, Water, Air, Make Magick Fair. Powerful Charm
Of Making, Creative Magick Undertaking, Be Formed!

While chanting this, concentrate deeply upon drawing on the Dragon power, feel
the power being sent from all sides, listen for any messages from the Dragons
and write them down. Place the candle, talisman bag and contents, or whatever
you may be spelling, between the mirror and the Dragon Pentacle, making sure the
Dragon Pentacle is reflected in the mirror along with the objects. If using a
candle, light it and let it burn out completely in that position. If using a
Talisman bag or poppet (a small cloth doll, usually stuffed with herbs or cotton
soaked in the appropriate oil for the ritual) , leave it on the Altar overnight.
Continue with rest of the ritual.