Amplifying The Power of Your Words In Magick

Amplifying The Power of Your Words In Magick 

A funerary spell from a Middle Kingdom sarcophagus (coffin) may be found in a corner of Cairo Museum, a museum where it is said to take many months to see every exhibit. Here is a rough translation of the spell. By reciting the words you absorb magical powers into yourself, or in more modern terms awaken your own inner higher spiritual and magical mind power.

To become the God Heka

I am Heka, the one who was made by the Lord of All before anything, the son of he who gave form to the universe. I am the protector of what the Lord of All had ordained to be.


Reciting this in your mind can be a good way to empower yourself at those times when you are scared or anxious or the odds are totally against you – or to open a spell or ritual when you have a particularly important issue to tackle. In this way you can assume the power of a specific deity of nature and channel this into your spell casting and indeed everyday life.

For example, the Celtic Epona, the white horse mother Goddess who was worshipped even by the Romans, is wonderful for women traveling alone as well as for evoking fertility.

In coven work the High Priestess, sometimes assisted by the High Priest, draws the power of the Goddess within herself for the duration of the rite.

If you work alone, you can ask for specific deity powers to strengthen you for particular ventures.

This is not blasphemous or presumptuous. You are using the inner divine spark we all possess and plugging into an amplified version of that power, as contained with the archetype of ideal of a particular divinity. It is only if you still think you are Isis, who can stop the sun, while you are in the supermarket queue that you need a bit more earthly input to your life and maybe a short break from magick.