I couldn’t find a groundhog as “Pet Of The Day.” How ’bout a cute little bunny instead?

Rudi, the Pet of the Day
Name: Rudi
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Kind: German Giant Rabbit
Home: Benneckenstein, Germany
This is my rabbit Rudi. He has this name because he is so big, like a little dog. He is a “Deutscher Riese” – a German Giant Rabbit.

We got Rudi in 2009. He came to us as a stray. One evening my dad said: “There is something white on the road.” And the next morning, my mum went into our garden and Rudi sat there! We knew that he came from our neighbours, but there he would have been slaughtered. Our neighbour told us: “You can keep him.” And so Rudi was and is still our rabbit.

When it is warm, my sister and I let Rudi out in the garden and play with him. Then Rudi is very happy. He knocks with his feets and jumps into the sky. That is very funny and fun to watch.

Rudi likes to eat very much and sometimes he grunts when we put some new food in his hutch. His favorite food is carrots. Sometimes he is impatient and so he nips but we know he is not bad tempered. I love Rudi very much!!!