Daily Cosmic Calendar for February 2nd

If you are a frequent reader of this calendar, then you know that every so often the cosmos settles down and refrains from blasting earthlings with solar, lunar and planetary discord. Today is one of those one-sided affairs where the potential for good outweighs the potential for its opposite. This is because the only two major celestial alignments are flowing trines of 120-degrees – the first one from the Moon in Gemini to Mercury in Aquarius (6:42AM PST) and the second one happening some 7+ hours later when the Moon forms the same rapport with the Sun in Aquarius (2:02PM PST). Be receptive to visions and insights coming from the great beyond. Think about your higher destiny on Spaceship Earth rather than your personal needs and desires. Literary and educational endeavors as well as cultural and global perspectives win the day over petty peeves and superficial interests. Catch up with email and overseas correspondence. Meanwhile, gear up for a big sea change happening for the planet ruling the oceans as Neptune prepares to enter Pisces for nearly 14 years tomorrow. This orb of dreams, spirituality, religious beliefs and the creative imagination is saying goodbye to Aquarius after a brilliant 14-year run in this third, universal air sign. Now it’s on to the last sign of the zodiac for a trip into unknown waters only Einstein, a double-fish Piscean himself, might perceive with his mystical and kaleidoscopic mind-set.