Today’s Affirmation, Thought & Meditation for Tuesday, Jan. 31

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Affirmation of the Day – At Rest

“I rest in tranquillity and divine grace. In this moment, I am calm, happy and fulfilled.”


Thought of the Day – Find Your Haven

When life gets stormy, feel safe in the knowledge that the soul cannot be touched by external forces. Like a ship finding shelter in a haven, take refuge in your soul when things feel unsettled: it is the calm centre of your being.


Meditation of the Day – Find Your Reservoir of Calm

At our core lies the peace of our essential nature. To access this inner peace, visualize yourself diving into the water of a warm, calm lake. You slip through the water, surrounded by a profound silence. As you reach the sea-bed, you are awed to see that it is carpeted with beautiful white pearls. Imagine returning to the surface of the lake.You realize that the silence, purity and beauty you have just discovered lies within yourself.