Cosmic Calendar for Tuesday, Jan. 31

One of the calmest days of January 2012 arrives on the scene. Even last night’s fairly intense First Quarter Sun-Moon Phase is pretty much a done deal. In its place, the cosmos only gives you one slight hurdle to jump over – a Moon-Uranus 45-degree skirmish (8:33AM PST). By anticipating some surprises, shocking news or jack-in-the-box type situations, you will be on top of your game and ready to accomplish everything on your pragmatic, to-do list under hardworking Taurus Moon. Handle financial management and budgets like a pro. Get back on track with favorite exercise routines. Check to make sure your garden equipment is spruced up and ready for the growing season. Love vibrations increase in wavelength this evening – thanks to a supportive, 60-degree liaison from the Moon in Taurus to Venus in Pisces (6:09PM PST) supplemented by a flowing trine from the Moon to Mars retrograding in Virgo (8:29PM PST). There is no reason why you cannot combine loving kindness (Venus) with just the right measure of passion (Mars) to guide a primary partnership on to a higher plane of thoughtful interaction. Let the good times roll!