Cosmic Calendar for Monday, January 30

For the most part – after several days of exhausting celestial shenanigans – you can now breathe a sigh of relief during the last two days of January. The first piece of good news comes in the form of the monthly Moon-Jupiter union in Taurus (3:30AM PST). Although this occurs officially early in the day, its influence can last for many hours. The power of positive thinking, good luck and auspicious vibrations are your bridge to worldly achievements. Some challenging situations may pop up to test your faith and resolve since the Moon squares Mercury (8:16AM PST), Mercury then makes a frictional, 45-degree tie to Venus (8:48AM PST) while the tension-creating First Quarter Sun-Moon Phase (energizing 11 degrees of Aquarius and Taurus) clocks in at 8:11PM PST. Moving too far too fast – particularly with an air of superiority (a la Jupiter on steroids) – will foil your higher plans. It is always wise to be humble instead of succumbing to the sin (hubris or pride) of mythological Icarus – whose wings melted because he flew to close to the Sun. Helping you stay more creative and artistic – in a deep and powerful manner – is an enlightening, 72-degree link from Venus to Pluto (6:50PM PST). Try to tweak the Taurus Moon tendency to be stubborn into the more admirable trait to be a Rock of Gibraltar when friends and loved ones need someone to lean on.