The Wiccan Book of Days for Jan. 29th – A Swedish Spiritualist

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A Swedish Spiritualist

January 29th, 1688, was the birthday of Swedish scientist Emanuel Swedenborg. He trod a spiritual path, experiencing mystical dreams and visions, studying the Judeo-Christian scriptures and drawing his own conclusions. He eventually became convinced that the Last Judgment had occurred in 1757, that he was the prophet of the New Church that he subsequently founded, and that becoming a more spiritual being on Earth would result in an angelic existence in heaven. Swedenborg died in 1772, but his ideas and teachings remain very much alive.

“Pray for Peace”

Pay tribute to Irene and Pax, the Greek and Roman goddesses of peace, especially if hostilities are tearing your country or the wider world apart. Place a symbol of peace (an object that evokes a rainbow, like a multicolored ribbon, or a twig from an olive tree) on your altar and address the goddesses.


One thought on “The Wiccan Book of Days for Jan. 29th – A Swedish Spiritualist

  1. that Pagans belveie in religious tolerance and respect every Path as having potential for human enlightenment. Since everyone is differnet, it is understandable that the Paths that each individual chooses will be equally unique. sound exactly on the mark in how I am within no matter the God & Goddess I call on there is a Universal Love that has thread’s through all belief’s. Within the next part In keeping with this outlook and understanding, you?ll never find a Pagan standing on the street preaching about magick or faith (and if you do, give them a good slap for me, would you?!). got a good laugh in the thought it would ever happened w/ my imagination, well yeah let yours go where it may too. There is a slight relating to Following on from the above point, Wiccans belveie it to be highly unethical to attempt to manipulate another person?s freewill ? it cannot be done, and can only end badly if you are successful. This is especially true and most common in love magick. It often poses more questions than answers, like if that object of affection is truly in love or if it?s just the magick. In any case, this type of spell is selfish and is certainly not cast for the good of all. Many Wiccans use the Wiccan Rede (?And it harm none, do what you will?) in spellcraft, prayer and ritual to assist in guiding energy towards the cause that it is for, and any misdirected energy can be dispelled. within that my spiritual mentors guidance there was a warning. That of using the image of the path up the tree of life there are actually 2 path’s; 1) the path of the Serpents path around the outside of the Tree of life seeking the upper level. this being a manipulative, straight out self-centered, selfish, & destructive path. With absolute no care or consideration of the effect’s on the others that live on this planet along side oneself.Or2) the path up the tree of life where the individual lives a more ethical life, which release’s the self-centered-ness, selfish way’s within the individuals practice in a way they are more conscious of the effect that which one does has on those around them.Blessed be to allChrysis Joy[]


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