Cosmic Calendar for Sunday, January 29th

As mentioned at the end of yesterday’s calendar entry, after two days of up-in-the-air, wacky and wild cosmic behavior, the lunar orb provides a simple and straight-forward inspirational Moon-Jupiter parallel (12:23AM PST). Good fortune and optimism are back in your corner. A major shift concerns the asteroid Juno which is moving from the intense waters of Scorpio into fiery and enthusiastic Sagittarius (6:14AM PST). This is a boost for most primary partnerships as a vibration of goodwill enters the picture – particularly until Juno stops and begins a retrograde cycle in this same sign on March 24. You may also feel the urge to purchase new wardrobe items that are athletic and sporty in nature. Be more adventurous in your fashion and style interests. Reach out to nurture friends and relatives on the rocks as Mercury makes a supportive, 60-degree liaison with Ceres (9:13AM PST). Learn more about massage, shiatsu, acupuncture, acupressure, foot reflexology, herbal medicine and other, alternative healing techniques as Mercury forms a 30-degree tie with Chiron (1:18PM PST) while Venus ups the ante by making a parallel with Chiron (7:59PM PST). This latter aspect may also provide love birds with extra contentment and romantic interludes. Be aware that a short void lunar cycle arrives at 10:10PM PST and ends at 10:29PM PST when the Moon enters earthy, practical Taurus for the next 2+ days.