Special Kitty for Thursday, Jan. 26th

Levi, the Cat of the Day
Name: Levi
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Ragdoll
Home: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Levi is our blue mitted Ragdoll. Levi is very special to me, he follows us around like a dog, he even plays fetch! He loves his ragdoll brother Bailey and enjoys chasing him around all day. He also loves his treats and reminds me every day when I get home from work as he sits patiently in front of the treat cupboard until I give him one. He is so cute!

Levi is still the character, he and his younger brother, Bailey, love each other very much and get into all kinds of mischief… usually his brother’s fault. Levi is now seven years old and is still a kind little gentleman. We laugh because of our three cats (he also has an older sister, Maisy), Levi is the best behaved, he has never broken or damaged anything, he doesn’t start fights, he sits back and waits for the others to eat and then he will, his hair is short and neat so never needs to be groomed, and has never had any ‘accidents’ outside the litter box. He is very much loved by everyone in the family (furries and human).


One thought on “Special Kitty for Thursday, Jan. 26th

  1. Witches of The Craft.
    I absolutely Love your website and your daily posts. Thank you very much for having this webesite and keeping me all of us informed with everything. Its amazing how much you cover on a daily basis and It makes me very thankful on why I choose this life and the craft. You all are wonderful!!! I don’t have a name like you do and someday I will. I have 2 beautiful cats and they so know what is going on around me and they are just amazing. Like you are. 😉 Thank you, Teresa (T-bird)


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