Cosmic Calendar for January 26th

You encounter another one of those fairly rare quiescent days – from the standpoint of the universe – when only a few alignments grace the stage of Planet Earth. As the Moon continues its monthly transit in Pisces, it unites with Venus (5:13AM PST) and then Vesta (7:41AM PST). This is a major boost for increasing the value of your assets, prized possessions and investments. You may also want to talk to soul-sisters who may be good and trusted advisers across the board. Surprises and shocks to the system are more likely to occur around the time when the Moon first parallels Uranus (11:25AM PST) and then makes a contra-parallel to Uranus just 12 minutes later (11:37AM PST). Consider experimenting with a digital or video camera today. Photography, film and video work, as well as improvisation in art, music and dance can go well under the monthly Pisces Moon dispensation. Intense or hostile vibes may be on the rise tonight as the Moon opposes Mars (8:54PM PST) – beginning a void lunar cycle that lasts until 10:29AM PST tomorrow when the Moon enters Aries. Fighting with a loved one this evening is a no-no. Find common ground and surround yourself with plenty of serenity to ride out the overnight psychic storm.