New Moon Report for Jan. 22 – New Moon in Aquarius

New Moon Report for January 22

by Jeff Jawer

New Moon in Aquarius

Sunday, January 22, 11:39 pm PST, Monday, January 23, 2:39 am EST

The New Moon in brainy Aquarius opens minds to fresh ways of seeing and enlightens us with brilliant ideas. Broadening visions of the future can reveal unexpected professional opportunities and help establish strategies for meeting long-term goals. Enthusiasm may rise and fall with skeptical Saturn and optimistic Jupiter’s 90-degree squares to this lunation. A supportive sextile from innovative Uranus in Aries, though, reveals alternative ways to express ourselves and contribute to the well-being of the community.

The Aquarius New Moon is like entering a laboratory where objective thinking permits us to observe life without prejudice or prejudgment. Learning comes with sudden flashes of insight that arise from being in unfamiliar positions. Stepping outside our comfort zones feels alienating, yet exploring alternatives permits new vistas of awareness to open.