Cosmic Calendar for Friday, Jan. 20th

Some strong changes are in the air – especially as the Sun enters Aquarius (8:11AM PST) for the next 30-day solar cycle in the zodiac. There is always an emphasis on group projects, team sports, community activities and humanitarian movements that are global in nature whenever the Sun activates this sign of the zodiac. Helping you make the most of this transition from the earth sign Capricorn is an inspirational, 72-degree rapport from Mercury to Ceres (12:26AM PST), a similar aspect from Mercury to Uranus (6:46PM PST) while Venus forms a supportive, 60-degree association with Pluto (12:33PM PST). Your productivity in arts, crafts and hobbies can rise while your emotional bonds with dear ones are strengthened. Breakthroughs in consciousness can become more the rule than the exception. Adding to your gains on the productivity front is a constructive, 60-degree alliance of the Sun with Ceres (5:49PM PST). The main challenge comes from a relatively short lunar void cycle that runs from 1:50PM PST to 2:41PM PST (when the Moon shifts from Sagittarius into Capricorn). Hopes should be able to drown out any chorus of fears as the Moon in Capricorn trines Jupiter in Taurus (5:18PM PST) – creating a strong and positive psychic backdrop to the evening hours.