Cosmic Calender for Thursday, Jan. 19th

The Moon in Sagittarius is certainly a robust, stimulating and adventurous type of energy. Weather permitting, exploring the great outdoors and enjoying favorite sports and hobbies are a delight. Meanwhile, the largest asteroid – Ceres – enters Aries (10:38AM PST) for a new round through the 12 signs of the zodiac that lasts until April 14, 2016, over four years from now. It is a good time to shift your nutritional needs on to a higher level. You can be a leader in the fields of gardening and good-food production by taking an active interest in what Mother Nature has to offer humanity. [Ceres will enter Taurus on April 9.] Later today, the Sun at the end of Capricorn forms a square to Saturn at the end of Libra (1:20PM PST). Do everything in your power to avoid getting down on yourself or accentuating a pessimistic mind-set. Hard work and perseverance are the dynamic duo that will lead to eventual worldly success. Realize that tomorrow will bring a solar shift into Aquarius whereas Saturn is slowing down in its daily motion as it will go into reverse on February 7. Uncertainty and confusion can still grip you like a vice this evening as the Sun makes a 30-degree link to Neptune (7:56PM PST) while Mercury forms a frictional, 45-degree tie to Chiron (8:22PM PST). Learn more about alternative medical and holistic healing techniques that can help to eliminate some of the wear and tear on your physical body.