Calendar of the Sun for Thursday, Jan. 19th

Calendar of the Sun
19 Wolfmonath

Thor’s Blot

Color: Blue
Element: Air
Altar: Upon a blue cloth lay a bowl of rainwater, a cup of mead, and a Thor’s hammer.
Offerings: Mead libation.
Daily Meal: Goat meat.

Invocation to Thor

Hail, Thor, Lord of the Hammer!
Lord of the Storm, rumbling chariot
That tears across the sky,
Lord who speaks plainly
And has no time for intrigue
And subtle ploys,
Protector of the common man,
Warrior beloved by farmers,
Help us to untwist our tongues
And speak the fiery truth
Hurled blazing like a hammer-bolt
Across the open sky!

Song: Hail Thor, Lord of Thunder

(The cup of mead is passed around, and each drinks for Thor, saying what first comes into his mind, like a lightning bolt of truth. The remainder of the mead, and the rainwater, is poured out as a libation. Then the Mjollnir is passed, and each lays it on their heart and swears to make their word be as a bond of iron.)