Daily Feng Shui Tip for January 12th

I’ve discovered that today’s energies celebrate the ‘Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day.’ Now, in the case that you’re a single gal and not experiencing your own feast of fabulously wild men, it’s time to take matters into your own hands so that one of them will soon be holding yours. First, some Feng Shui basics. Paint the walls of your bedroom a shade of pink, coral or salmon. For single women looking to partner up, using these colors in the bedroom is believed to quickly reel in those fabulous men. Wearing two rose quartz bracelets on the left arm will do the same thing. Lastly, put an image of two pink peonies immediately outside and to the left your bedroom door (as you’re looking into the room) in order to plant strong intentions for love to bring a bloom to your cheeks. Any one of these fast Feng Shui cures can shift energies over to the engaging side, but doing all of them will have them rolling in the aisles, or at very least, watching you walking down one!

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com